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Beautiful Image, founded by Ray Baker in 1976, is a company performing the treatment of non surgical face lifts.

Ray Baker, who developed this microcurrent technology, is an electrical engineer. He developed this machine in conjuction with a NASA scientist and a medical doctor. Beautiful Image, which is in its sixth generation of devices, is the only microcurrent technology company to be cleared by the FDA.

Microcurrent is also generated naturally by the body to produce the energy needed for muscle movement and nerve impulses. Our microcurrent technology supports skin correction by encouraging the repair process. Damaged skin needs a program of restoration that is gradual and progressive for long term optimum health. Microcurrent therapy is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of skin.


Sherrie Champagne

Sherrie Champagne, after completing two years in the nursing program at the University of Maryland, assumed a wide range of responsibilities over the past 30 years in her husband’s medical practice in Ludlow, MA.

Duties included taking x-rays and performing physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stim to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from spinal and sport injuries to bursitis, tendonitis and joint inflammation. She was the co-owner and certified personal trainer in a women’s only fitness center.

Sherrie currently is a nutritional consultant for the NuLean Weight Loss Clinic at Healthy Living At The Commons, South Hadley. She has taken numerous continuing education courses in the areas of fitness, nutrition and chiropractic care. In her spare time Sherrie enjoys sharing her singing talents with area churches and is an avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast. She says "Being involved with Beautiful Image has given me a chance to help patient’s achieve their goals in looking and feeling good about themselves. It is truly gratifying to have a patient smile and really notice an improvement after one treatment or the series of treatments."


Why not to choose Botox

Botox is frequently compared to microcurrent non-surgical facelifts.

Botox/Botulism is actually a poison. It works by binding calcium, causing a tetanic contraction (tetanus). It's rapidly repeated stimuli causing prolonged contraction of the muscle. This is why it makes the muscle tissue and skin "blow up" making it larger. This isn't a healthy process for the body. Some doctors question if it is really safe, because the poison gets into the bloodstream, and could cause unwanted damage. It's not hard for the botox process to go horribly wrong. However, microcurrent non-surgical facelifts are nothing but restorative to the body, repairing damage caused by aging and minor accidents.


Beautiful Image of Western Mass

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