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"I couldn't believe the results when I looked in the mirror, I was just shocked! It gives your face a lift without surgery. If you have it done once, you'll see an immediate change. A ton of Channel 8 viewers gave it a try - I did too, and it worked!!!"

- Gayle


"It’s extremely relaxing. The procedure itself is wonderful. Picture like pencils and there’s this little current going through that you do not feel. And she places them on different areas. I totally recommend trying it out. I started in March and basically what i see is a tightening of the skin, a rejuvenation. Absolutely treat yourself to this. Sherrie is absolutely educated and has knowledge on so many different topics. She really knows her stuff."

- Lynn


"My husband has always been skeptical about 'anti-aging' claims, 'wrinkle reduction' creams, etc, so when I decided to try Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting, I decided to keep it to myself. He is now a believer, and I routinely receive compliments from family and friends about my youthful appearance, and they still don't know about the treatments I continue to receive. I feel this is the best treat I have ever given myself."

- Darlene




"I saw the ad for Beautifu Image's informational session about non-surgical facelifts and decided to go. Not only did I see a video testimonial from a former client, but Sherri Champagne personally explained the process which included a free facial demonstration. I signed up for the full treatment that very night.

I'm so happy I decided to do something positive and rejuvenating for myself. I look more like my old self (which is actually my younger self), and feel so much better when I look in the mirror now. I am pleased to recommend Beautiful Image to anyone seeking a way to remember the good old days with a good new look."

- Susan


"I was pleased with the treatment I received on my face this morning. I was very excited and a little nervous when I got there. I liked how Sherrie explained the treatment and what to expect. It helped me relax and enjoy the experience. It felt like I was having a facial during the procedure. I'm seeing some tightening of the skin already. I'm very pleased with my first treatment . Looking forward to the next one."

- Pat


"I can honestly tell you, I was a little skeptical at first, I asked Sherrie a lot of questions, I asked her if it hurt, she said no, but you might fall asleep. Well she was right, it is so relaxing, I saw results immediately after the first treatment. My skin felt so much softer and smoother and I have had 15 treatments and with each one I saw results and also got great compliments on the way I look. I have also noticed a scar that I received on the side of my face when I was two or three years old lighten up and not be as visible as it was before I started treatment. I love the fact this is all Natural, it smoothes the skin and eliminates facial lines, it does exactly what it promises to do. I am so pleased with the results my skin feels and looks great. I would recommend this for everyone! It is well worth it."

- Joy

Beautiful Image of Western Mass